A downloadable game for Windows

Blockland: A Tower-Defense Platformer.

The Story

On the two-dimensional planet Block, the Blockies lived in peace.

One day, the apocalypse broke out, and zombies started roaming the land.

As the last Blocky alive, you need to protect the world's last tower from collapsing. If you die, you lose. If the tower collapses, you lose. How long will you survive?

How To Play

Movement - WASD

Shooting - Hold Left Click/Left Ctrl.

Pressing Buttons - Left Click.

Placing A "Building" (After buying it from the shop) - Enter.

The game is **REALLY** difficult. Don't beat yourself up over it. However, with enough belief and skill you might be able to survive for pretty long!


ZXCDani - Playtesting.

FieryPenguin - Music.

Ghost20000 - Programming, Graphics, SFX, and everything else.

Install instructions

Extract from zip file and run Blockland.exe.


Blockland 27 MB
Source Code 104 MB