A downloadable game for Windows

Robots have trapped you in this strange room! Can you escape?

The Story

After AI became smarter than us, it took over the world using robots. You were minding your own business when robots kidnapped you and trapped you in this room!

Can you escape the room?

How To Play

To win, you must find all 4 E-Keys and insert them into the key slots next to the door.

Movement - WASD

Picking up/Dropping items - E

Using held item - Left Click

Pressing buttons - E



🅱️lackened 🅱️oi - Music.

Ghost20000 - Programming, Graphics, SFX, and everything else.

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP file and open "Escape The Room.exe".


Escape The Room.zip 19 MB


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Well, at least the robots have the decency of giving you a chance of escaping. It's a nice escape room simulator. As usual, at first I had no clue on how to solve anything, but some looking around and trying will do well. I guess the visuals could be more generous, but then again robots probably wouldn't decorate a room with anything useless.

We'd like to invite this game to our annual contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Thanks for the feedback! Can you give me more details about this GDWC?

It's a contest for finding out the best indie games of the year, with the intention also being to give game makers more good publicity. There are two main classes (Pro and Hobby) and also several special categories. The final winners are picked by a jury in October, while members of the public can vote for their favourites each week from some of the newer entrants. Entering is of course free and it can be done here: www.thegdwc.com. Thank you for taking interest!